Technical vision systems
for the automatic control of production processes
for paving industry

5-8 december 2022 participant

About Us
At QUATROMATIC we combine competencies in the field of neural networks, artificial intelligence and computer vision, as well as knowledge about the production of building materials to create technical vision and AI systems to improve manufacturing efficiency.
Helps to reduce costs without complicated changes of the production system
The most copmact system!
reduces the rate of defects
from 3-5% till 1-3%.
reduces overproduction in twice from 12-14%
till 6-7%.
saves on raw materials till 2-5% in year
5-8 december
Visit the Quatromatic stand
at the Big 5

SS3 H62
At the company stand you will be able to:
- take a close look on how QuatroPBC works;
- get a consultation about technical properties of QuatroPBC and how to integrate the system to your plant.

Further information about the QuatroPBC
can be found in our presentation

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