quality control systems
for construction sector
based on technical vision systems

18-21 February 2023

The BIG5 Saudi

Quatromatic solutions
for the construction sector

We develop sophisticated solutions in demand in such industries as:
  1. Concrete blocks manufacturing
  2. Precast concrete manufacturing
  3. Autoclaved aerated concrete blocks production
  4. Clay brick production
  5. Plywood, fiberboard, chipboard, drywall production.
Solutions such as detection of the defects, class assignment, measurement of product parameteres.
About Quatromatic
Quatromatic is a fast-growing IT company. Our key competence is quality control systems, based on machine vision and artificial intelligence technologies for industries with conveyor type of manufacturing. We specialize in quality control systems for construction sector. We develop, produce and sells quality control systems for the concrete block industry.

We combine competencies in the field of neural networks, artificial intelligence and computer vision, as well as knowledge about the production of building materials to create technical vision and AI systems to improve manufacturing efficiency.
turn-key solution
We develop, produce and sells quality control systems for the concrete block industry
Our automatic quality control system helps to manufacturers
+ decreases production losses and
defects share;
+ makes automatic production reports;
+ classifies colors;
+ collects and analyzes data.
Easy to embed in production process.
Choose the most effective solution depending on your manufacturing needs
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