Control the quality of paving slabs and concrete blocks automatically with

Quality control system
Quality control system for the concrete block industry
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QuatroPBC system helps to reduce costs without complicated changes to the production process

QuatroPBC detects defects of face layer on a wet side in 95% of cases
Собирает производственную статистику
Decrease losses from defective products, per year
продукция изготавливается на минимальном допуске,
предприятие экономит
на материалах
Production control

Измеряет высоту изделий
с точностью 0.5 мм
QuatroPBC measures height of each brick within 0,5 mm accuracy, it’s possible to control and not overcome target height
Save up on raw materials, per year
QuatroPBC classifies layouts and colors, automatically accounts batches and series of bricks

Контроль производства

QuatroPBC's key features
for quality control automation

Machine vision technologies in manufacturing

Height measurement

Using a highly accurate laser
QuatroPBC measures the heights of all items on the production board with 0.5 mm accuracy


Defect detection

QuatroPBC detects the defects of the face layer of bricks such as cracks, holes, inclusions, etc
in 95% of cases
Production statistics
Create a single production control center for all lines and plants

Dry side control
All deviations (defects, heights) detected on the wet side are displayed on a sorter’s monitor on the dry side thanks to RFID technologies.
It helps the sorter find and replace all defective items faster and not allow them to be delivered to a client.

Developed by
QuatroPBC is your digital assistant: it works 24/7 and monitors the quality of each product in real-time

Tested and compatible on the leading machines in the world

New quality for your production

QuatroPBC easily integrated into production line

QuatroPBC is installed on the wet side of the conveyor, after the press, before the curing chamber
QuatroPBC scans and takes photos of the production board, detecting deviations in product height or density, as well as repeated defects in the facing layer
QuatroPBC displays a photo with tags of different types of deviations for each product in real time

Implementation experience of QuatroPBC on the plant

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