Digital assistant for concrete block machine

Helps to reduce costs without complicated changes of the production system

Measures the height of products
within the accuracy of 0.5 mm
Recognizes defects of the upper surface of products within the accuracy of 95%

Digital data collection
and analysis in real time

use the minimum
allowable amount of material
sсhedule a production order correctly

for early defect detection

QuatroPBC is your digital assistant: it works 24/7 and monitors the quality of each product in real time
Developed by
New quality for your production

How does
QuatroPBC work?

QuatroPBC is installed on the wet side of the conveyor, after the press, before the curing chamber
QuatroPBC scans and takes photos of the pallet of products, detecting deviations in product height or density, as well as repeated defects in the facing layer
QuatroPBC displays a photo with tags of different types of deviations for each product in real time
Implementation experience of QuatroPBC on the plant
Сalculate the annual savings from installing the QuatroPBC system

What does this solution mean for production?

Benefits for production from the implementation of QuatroPBC

Reducing the share of defective products

Timely detection of deviations in height or density of products, as well as the identification of recurring defects in the facing layer allow you to quickly eliminate the cause and produce only high-quality products.

Detailed statistics for each batch

QuatroPBC maintains a complete history of all batches produced, indicating summary information for each of them: the number of products produced, the proportion of rejects, detailed information for each pallet (product heights, detected defects).

Reducing the residue of ordered lots

Residue of ordered lots are often direct losses. They require costs for their packaging, transportation and storage. QuatroPBC displays the number of products produced in the current batch in real time and the percentage of defects in it. Therefore, the operator knows exactly how much production still needs to be produced to fulfil the task accurately.
Large products such as curb stones are measured in multiple locations
All data are available from any device, including tablet and smartphone
We will conduct a personal presentation of the service, answer questions, tell you more about the implementation experience
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Product benefits

Why QuatroPBC?

Tested and ready for opeartion

QuatroPBC is tested and implemented
in trial operation at the plants of the Vybor company in Novorossiysk and Bogatishchevo.
QuatroPBC is provided by subscription. This is your digital assistant: it works 24/7 and helps the operator to control product quality in real time. No changeover is required.

QuatroPBC is available by subscription

Prompt technical support
QuatroPBC is easy to use! Moreover, you will not be left alone with new equipment. We will promptly answer any questions, help you figure it out and eliminate any difficulties.
QuatroPBC was developed in collaboration with experts in the fields of machine vision and the production of concrete products by vibrocompression.

We know the specifics of the industry perfectly

Examples of real interface on existing installations