Machine vision for concrete block manufactures: use cases

Introduction of machine vision and artificial intelligence technologies in manufacturing, such as the production of concrete blocks and paving slabs is not limited to the automation of one specific area. It can be integrated into the entire production line to solve specific tasks.
In this post you can read about machine vision use cases for concrete block manufacture.

Acceptance of inert materials
Acceptance of inert materials - the first point of the manufacturing process.
System of machine vision can measure the volume of inert material in a truck and recognize the type of inert material. The main useful option - to determine the dump of the sand to use this information preparing the mixture for production.

Feeding of inert materials

Feeding of inert materials
Smart cameras under conveyor automatically determine the type of inert material for concrete products. And recognize this type.
The next solution - visual system of measurement the rest of materials in the bunker - it's more accurate then cable sensors.

Press control

QuatroPBC - Measurement of concrete products on the wet side of the conveyor
Read and analyze the type of press vibration to determine the moment of optimal pressure. So you can tune the machine to reduce takt time, avoid overpacking and excessive vibration load on all equipment.

Measurement of concrete products
on the wet side of the conveyor

QuatroPBC - Measurement of concrete products on the wet side of the conveyor
high-end industrial cameras, special lights and laser are located as close as possible behind the block machine and above the conveyor. The concrete blocks passing below the device are laser-scanned without contact and measured. That is the principle of the QuatroPBC operation.

There are 2 main options on the wet side of conveyor:
  1. collect data of manufacturing processes;
  2. preventing the production of defective products and, as a result, direct losses.
QuatroPBC - Digital assistant for concrete block machines. Helps to reduce costs without complicated changes of the production system

QuatroPBC - Digital assistant for concrete block machine

QuatroPBC - digital assistant for concrete block machine
QuatroPBC is a system of continuous quality control of paving slabs and curb stones based on machine vision.

Key features of QuatroPBC:
- Measures the height of products within the accuracy of 0.5 mm - which helps use the minimum allowable amount of material;
- Detects defects of the upper surface of products within the accuracy of 95% on the wet side of conveyor - allow to sсhedule a production order correctly;
- Collect and analyze data in real time -
ability to predict when potential problems are going to arise before they actually happen, which is especially important for brick, concrete and ceramic industry.

QuatroPBC can be installed almost on every production line due to its compact size - the most compact exemplar of its kind - we’ll need just about 50cm of space on your conveyor.

QuatroPBC is an artificial intelligence system, it’s like a very attentive quality control officer who continuously monitors the conveyor 24/7 and measures the main parameters of every single product.

Further information about the QuatroPBC can be found in our presentation. Enter your e-mail and we will send you the QuatroPBC presentation.