Minimize the risk
of delivering defect production to your customers


Quality control system for the concrete block industry

Automate quality control system focused on the pavement industry.

The system controls the production process to prevent defect production delivery - scans and illuminations defective products with a laser.


New quality for your production

How does QuatroPBC work?

QuatroPBC is installed on the wet side of the conveyor, after the press, before the curing chamber
With RFID tags installed in all production boards, QuatroPBC identifies the boards before and after curing chamber.
Identifies stones with deviations that were detected on the wet side and highlights them to the sorter on the dry side
If you need dry side control only, get started with PRO


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QuatroPBC is your digital assistant: it works 24/7 and monitors the quality of each product in real-time