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QuatroPBC - is a quality control system for concrete blocks and pavement slabs. The system in a real-time measures the heights detects the defects and has many crucial features for manufacturers, which you can watch through in our article Quatro PBC is a quality control system

Besides that features the key parameter of QuatroPBC is the prevention of production with defects. And in order for QuatroPBC to really prevent the production of defective products, you should carefully consider where the system is installed on the production line. We will talk about this today in our article.

Линия по производству тротуарной плитки
QuatroPBC quality control system for concrete block industry
How to pick the place
to install the system on the conveyor?
The QuatroPBC system is installed on the wet side of the production line.
Depending on the tasks you want to solve, additionally and on the dry side.
Example of a QuatroPBC installation on the wet side
On the wet side, the system is installed immediately after the press and before the curing chamber.
In this case, you solve the problem of preventing defects in production. This is the optimal location, in our opinion, because the farther the system is from the press, the more pallets of the product will be produced before the pallet reaches the installation and a defect is fixed. The sooner QuatroPBC detects a defect, the more timely action will be taken - stop the conveyor, and eliminate the cause.

Installing the system on the dry side minimizes the ingress of defects to the client. On the operator's monitor, stones with defects are displayed in real-time, which need to be removed.
Some manufacturers feel that claims are a much more significant expense than anyone else. Therefore, they make sure that the defect does not go beyond the factory and does not get to the client. In this case, the line is completed with an installation on the dry side.

In our experience, manufacturers see the benefit and greater efficiency of the system when installed on the wet side, and consider the dry side as an additional advantage.
We believe that both sides are the ideal solution. Since in this case, you close the entire list of tasks for product quality control.
How much free space do I need to install the system?
You have decided on the installation location of the system on your production line, and now is the time to assess whether there is enough space for the installation of the system.

QuatroPBC is the most compact unit, only 66 cm wide. At the same time, it is not so easy to find even 66 cm of free space in an already operating production, where the control station on the wet side is a little place, with a ladder, brushes, or a washing chamber.
Sometimes, every centimeter matters.
Place to install the system
This is where QuatroPBC can be installed by default. Width 150 cm
Measuring the distance between pallets
Therefore, in preparation for the installation of the system, we request the following dimensions:
1. Conveyor width including all attachments
2. Height from floor to top of the pallet
3. Height from the floor to some communications from above (if any) at the installation site.
4. At what distance from each other on the conveyor pallets move?

The speed of the conveyor in each production is set individually, as well as the device of the conveyor line itself.
Therefore, when installing the system, we take into account whether a pallet with products stops at the installation site of the system or passes under it without stopping. This is necessary to tune the system.
In a production facility under construction, the installation task is solved much easier, there is a lot of space. And if you look at the photo, our system can be installed either right next to the wall (which is on the left), or to the right along the conveyor.
QuatroPBC on the new line
The QuatroPBC system, immediately after the curing chamber, is 100% fulfilling its function of preventing the production of defective products.

We recommend placing the unit as close to the press as possible.
How long does it take to install the system on the production line?
The QuatroPBC is shipped to the factory ready for assembly. If the installation site is ready and all the necessary communications are connected, then the assembly of the installation takes one day.

The assembly of the system is carried out next to the conveyor, there is no need to stop production. The fully assembled system is mounted on the conveyor within 1 work shift. After commissioning, the system is completely ready for operation from the first day.

Feel free to ask any questions. We are always ready to consult your production site to help you choose the best place to install the system. For a detailed consultation, leave your contacts.