Prevent production
defective products

Производство тротуарной плитки

With automatic wet side defect detection

Automate quality control system focused on the pavement industry.

Detects defects in the face layer of bricks such as cracks, holes, inclusions, etc in 95% of cases

Timely detection of defects decreases the production of defective items by up to 80% per year


Turnkey solution —
New quality for your production

How does QuatroPBC work?

QuatroPBC is installed on the wet side of the conveyor, after the press, before the curing chamber
QuatroPBC scans and takes photos of the pallet of products, detecting deviations in product height or density, as well as repeated defects in the facing layer
QuatroPBC displays a photo with tags of different types of deviations for each product in real time
This allows to detect a systematic problem with the equipment, eliminate and prevent further molding of defective products.

Yellow box -
defective bricks

Visual notification of the operator

Bricks, where defects or height deviations are detected several times in a row on different production pallets, are additionally highlighted.

Purple box -
repeating defect

the operator needs to pay attention to bricks with defects

Each factory can individually
configured type of recognized defects.

Regulation of
flaw detection

If you need defect detection only, get started with Pro


QuatroPBC is your digital assistant: it works 24/7 and monitors the quality of each product in real time
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