Lean manufacturing with QuatroPBC!

There are several waste types described in lean production methodology and Toyota Production system, including:

  • Defects,
  • Overproduction,
  • Waiting. 

In terms of concrete block production, all these wastes can be connected into a single chain:
1) you produce defective products (face layer defects, height deviations),
2) so you need to produce more taking into account that some blocks will be defective and shall be thrown away,
3) it takes additional machine time to produce defective goods, so the time to produce a batch of good products is increased.

One way to deal with these losses is autonomation (jidoka). The key idea of this approach is to make it possible for machines to detect any abnormality and inform human about it to prevent the production of defective products. 

QuatroPBC indeed is a jidoka system. QuatroPBC shows defects and heights on every single product on a pallet in real time, so concrete machine operator can react immediately, eliminate the reason for defects and prevent unwanted wastes.

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