How to save the materials up to 3-5% per year?

Materials for the production of pavement bricks - a constant cost item for the manufacturer, which significantly affects the cost of production. The cost price rises - the profitability of production falls.

How to solve this problem?
After all, the goal of a business is to make money, not to work at a loss.

You need continuous control of product height

With QutroPBC you can form tiles on the minimum limit and save the materias.  Because of  the system measures and controls the height of all manufactured products.  With the highest precision and without a lunch break.

Using a highly accurate laser QuatroPBC measures heights of all items on the production pallet within 0.5 mm accuracy.

With the help of an automatic control system QuatroPBC  you can be ensured that all products are manufactured to the minimum tolerance.
Installing an automatic control system is your real savings. You use a minimum of resources, but get the same amount of output. Real benefits without sacrificing product quality.