Save on materials up to 5% per year

With automatic product height measurement

Now in the production of pavement bricks, height control is selective: the operator measures several stones with a ruler or a depth gauge.

This results in uneven product height within the same pallet.

Automate quality control system focused on the pavement industry.

Provides continuous height control of all bricks on a pallet with an accuracy of 0.5 mm


Turnkey solution —
All products are manufactured
at the minimum limit.
You save on materials!
Measures the height of products
within the accuracy of 0.5 mm
Laser measurement guarantees height control of all bricks on the pallet

100% continuous measurement
of all products

The height of each brick on the pallet is measured automatically

Savings on materials

Concrete block and pavement slabs production with QuatroPBC

Calculate the savings from implementing QuatroPBC in your production

Enter details of your manufacture or use industry averages
New quality for your production

How does QuatroPBC work?

QuatroPBC is installed on the wet side of the conveyor, after the press, before the curing chamber
QuatroPBC scans and takes photos of the pallet of products, detecting deviations in product height or density, as well as repeated defects in the facing layer
QuatroPBC displays a photo with tags of different types of deviations for each product in real time
If you need height measurements only, get started with Lite


QuatroPBC is your digital assistant: it works 24/7 and monitors the quality of each product in real time
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